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6 Language Travel Translator

6 Language Travel Translator

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  • Don't pay $100

  • Translates between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & Dutch

  • 5000 Words per language

  • 120 Sentences

  • Calculator with Currency Converter

  • Clock and calendar

  • Easy to use

The 6 Language Travel Translator is ideal for any overseas business trip or holiday. Now travelling overseas can be made a lot easier with the language barriers gone! The Travel Translator is very easy to use. Simply type in the word in English or one of the 6 languages and it will instantly translate. Not only are there over 5000 words stored inside this ultra thin Travel Translator, but also 120 sentences. eg “I have made a reservation” or “This is my card”. Plus there is a calculator and currency converter as well as a clock and calendar.

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