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Digital Pill Box

Digital Pill Box

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  • Don't pay $100

  • Reminds you when to take your pills

  • Set up to 4 separate alarms per day

  • Alerts with buzzer and flashing light

  • Colour coded pill compartments with Braille

  • Easy to Set

  • LCD Display with Digital Clock

For people who need to take medication each day, it is very easy for them to forget to take them at the correct time, which can have harmful effects. With the Digital Pill Box by PILLtime™, this problem is easily solved. It has up to 4 daily reminder alarms for different times of the day. The Digital Pill Box has an audible buzzer sound and visible red flashing light to alert you when it's time to take your pills. It has a 7 day, colour coded pill compartment, so it's easy to put your weeks pills in at one time. Each of the 4 adjustable reminder alarms has its own button, so its a breeze to set and use. The easy to read LCD screen will always show you the current time.

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