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The Professional Digital<br />Luggage Scale™

The Professional Digital
Luggage Scale™

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  • Don't pay $100

  • Weighs bags up to 50kg

  • Reading is taken within 3 seconds

  • Compact and lightweight - only 85 grams

  • Includes digital thermometer

  • Weigh bags before arriving at airport

The Professional Digital Luggage Scale is the ultimate travel accessory. There's nothing worse than paying overweight baggage charges when you arrive at the airport. Airlines are getting very tough and even 1 or 2 Kg overweight is enough to hurt the bank balance. The Professional Digital Luggage Scale is easy to use. Simply hook the scale to the bags using the strap, lift and look. The reading is taken within 3 seconds and will accurately display in Kg or LB the weight of your bags or suitcase. Its also ultra compact so you can pack it in your case and weigh your bags before returning home from your trip.

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