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World's First Analogue Watch Pedometer

World's First Analogue Watch Pedometer

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  • The Ultimate 2 in 1 For People Who Walk/Jog

  • LCD Pedometer Tracks Steps Walked, KM Travelled, Calories Burned, Time Walked

  • Highly Accurate 3D G-Sensor Pedometer

  • Keeps The Records In Memory From Last 7 Days

  • Patented Technology

The Analogue Watch Pedometer is a patented new product, the first in the world. Why carry around a pedometer separately with you when now you can have it inbuilt into your watch! It's ready to start counting your steps every time to go for a walk or jog. It uses sophisticated 3D G-Sensor technology to accurately keep track on your steps walked, Km travelled, Calories burnt and also the total exercise time. Plus it has a 7 day memory, which keeps your records for the past 7 days, which can easily be viewed at the press on a button. It's easy to use and the perfect accessory for everyone that loves to walk or jog.

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